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The advantages of LASIK at Southern Eye include:

EXPERIENCE –Our surgeon, Dr. Cathy Schanzer, has been performing LASIK at SOUTHERN EYE for nearly two decades.  She is one of the pioneer surgeons to perform LASIK in the Mid-South and continues to be an eye surgeon in high demand, annually performing over 3,000 procedures.

STATE OF THE ART DIAGNOSTIC TECHNOLOGY – Any claim to be “State of the Art” in LASIK diagnostics must include corneal mapping of the front AND BACK of the cornea to assess the risk of ectasia which is the thinning and steepening of a post-LASIK cornea. Southern Eye counsels LASIK candidates with a high risk of ectasia about other options because it is better not to have LASIK than to risk needing a cornea transplant.

STATE OF THE ART SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY – Any claim to be “State of the Art” in LASIK surgery must include Bladeless flap technology. LASIK at SOUTHERN EYE involves two different, very high-tech lasers. First, a corneal flap is made by a computerized femto-second laser and second, a vision correction procedure is performed by a computerized excimer laser. Bladeless laser technology has revolutionized LASIK, making it an option where the old blade technology failed. But if you still prefer that old blade technology, then Southern Eye cannot help you.

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE –An excellent surgeon plus state of the art technology plus Best Price is our Exceptional Value formula.

CERTIFIED FACILITY – LASIK at SOUTHERN EYE is performed in a facility that is certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. This on-site certification process meets the requirements of federal, state and local agencies which includes a strict surgeon credentialing process.  At our center,  no doctor is allowed to fly-in, perform LASIK and then fly-out. For more information, go to and inquire about any surgeon.

WHERE IS YOUR SURGEON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?– Since 1990, Southern Eye has been here for you 24/7.  Dr. Schanzer’s patients will tell you that it is commonplace for her to give them her cell phone number.  She wants to hear from her patients in the middle of the night or on weekends if they are experiencing anything of concern.  Dr. Schanzer lives in Memphis and if you need her, Dr. Schanzer is here for you.

OPTIONS TODAY – What if regular LASIK is not your best option?  Maybe you are at high risk for ectasia.  Maybe you should have custom LASIK.  Maybe an implantable contact lens is a better choice. Perhaps lens replacement surgery is best for you. Southern Eye offers all advanced technologies for your best vision option. And our medical staff of six physicians can handle any other eye issues you may have, to ensure that your option achieves maximum success.

OPTIONS TOMORROW – Someday you may have cataracts, retina disease or glaucoma.  How will your LASIK surgery be impacted by those developments?  How will your LASIK surgery impact those developments? For example, performing cataract surgery years later after LASIK is a very challenging effort, especially to get all the measurements and calculations pin-point correct.  Southern Eye uses advanced intraoperative technology to take eye measurements during surgery, after the cataract has been removed and before a replacement lens has been implanted. It’s the surest way to select the right replacement lens.  Southern Eye is here for you today and will be here for you tomorrow.