Gift of Sight

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During the January mission, a record of 242 surgeries were performed; 1397 clinic patients were treated; 432 pairs of glasses dispensed. These are amazing statistics especially when you consider that the mission team arrived four days late due to bad weather and cancelled flights in route to Sierra Leone. The 

combinajan 1tion of long hours and extra help made the difference in accomplishing more work in comparatively less time. Congratulations January 2014 Mission Team!!! 

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Southern Eye Institute Sponsored Community Development in Serabu, Sierra Leone

It has been impossible for us to travel to Serabu every six months and not see other needs of the community. So while our primary mission remains to restore and improve eyesight, there are numerous other community based actions that also have our support. This edition will highlight many of the community development programs backed by Southern Eye Institute.

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Southern Eye Institute is committed to performing God’s work among the sick and needy people in Serabu, Sierra Leone. Through prayer and financial contributions, you help provide sight, food and LIFE to those who would otherwise go without. The impact of any donation goes beyond one person. You’re impacting entire families, communities, and generations. Please help us in our quest to fight the good fight. We never have, and never will be able to do it without your help. Every donation is tax deductible.



Please make checks payable to:
Southern Eye Institute
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