Gift of Sight Campaign


To give the Gift of Sight click on the Fundraise link to the left of the Donate link.

The Gift of Sight Program combines a way for our patients to raise money for Southern Eye Institute and provides a way to earn a free refractive eye procedure or a mission trip to West Africa. So for example if Implantable Contact Lenses is what you were recommended, you could use the tools that First Giving provides to ask 80 friends and family members to donate $100 a piece and your goal of $8000 would be met.  See below for more details. 

Every dollar counts in Serabu. Just $10 will pay for a clinic visit.  $150 will pay for one eye surgery. $500 will pay for 15 children’s school fees for a year.  $5000 will fund a deep water well.  $15,000 will pay for shipping the container all the way to Serabu.

Thank You! Thank You!

Fundraising incentives

  • Raise $4000 Receive FREE LASIK at Southern Eye for you or a friend
  • Raise $5000 Receive FREE  Mission Trip to Southern Eye with Dr Cathy and Tom
  • Raise $8000 Receive FREE ICL at Southern Eye for you or a friend
  • Raise $10,000 Receive FREE RLE at Southern Eye for you or a friend

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