Please help support the community of Serabu.

School Scholarships

In 2013, 218 students from kindergarten to college (12 college students), received financial support and many of them were full scholarships to Serabu area schools. This program will continue as we make monthly 1contributions to an education fund that is administered by a local education 2committee, made up of area teachers and leaders that understand the needs of each assisted student. We hope that Serabu will yield many future productive Sierra Leone leaders because of this program.


Water Well Project

3Three of Serabu’s nine water well sections were given recognition awards for being the best maintained wells in town. This recognition program began in 2013 to help reinforce that each section is responsible to the care, cleanliness and operations of4 their well. Southern Eye Clinic employees repair the water wells as needed. Southern Eye Clinic also sponsors a community nurse to teach area residents good sanitation practices and to daily inspect and monitor the water wells.

Prior to the water wells, Serabu relied on freestanding water and ponds for their drinking supply. Infection and parasites found in the water were the leading cause of death among adults and children.

Computer Center

The Computer Center is expanding from a five station to a twenty-five station facility. The addition of a second shipping contain-er with space between them has grown the center to a 24’ X 40’ computer lab complete with 5restrooms and air conditioning. This center has also added education software for multiple courses in all classes taught in Serabu. For this and other reasons, town leadership has formed an education task force with the goal of enhancing the standards of education in Serabu. Fantastic!


Rebuilding Serabu Community School (SCS)
6This is the second current initiative organized and directed by Jari Dykstra. Blown down during a severe rainstorm, SCS is one of three primary schools in Serabu, in particular for Serabu’s Muslim community. During this trip town-donated land for this new school was cleared the footprint of the future school was staked out for all to see. Just a dream now but Jari and the whole Serabu community is praying hard for this dream to come true. A wonderful example of Serabu’s religious tolerance, Christians are leading this effort to build a predominantly Muslim school.

Latrine Project

The first of ultimately 62 community latrines began construction during this trip. This effort is one of 7two initiatives being organized and directed by Memphian Jari Dykstra, the former project leader of the water well campaign.






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