Aliza Concus talks about have ICL done at Southern Eye 1 Year Postop Memphis TN

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of the eye, the new Visian ICL is surgically inserted into the eye to correct moderate to high amounts of myopia (nearsightedness) and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. These lenses are currently able to correct myopia from
-3.00 diopters to -15.00 diopters, and have already helped over 55,000 people worldwide to enjoy life without glasses or contacts.

Nearsighted patients may be candidates for the Visian ICL even if they have been turned down for LASIK. This new lens can be implanted in patients with high prescriptions, thin corneas, or dry eyes, which can often disqualify a patient for traditional laser vision correction.

The procedure is similar to cataract surgery but differs in that the natural lens is not removed from the eye. Instead, the ICL is placed in front of your natural lens and works with it to correct vision. The lens is also invisible to the naked eye, and can be removed if necessary.

If you’ve been waiting for a new, safe and effective technology that could give you exceptional vision, now is the time to see if you’re a candidate for the Visian ICL!

LaDana 1 Year Post op after having LASIK at Southern Eye Memphis TN

LaDana Shaw returns for her 1 Year post op and shares how her year has been since having LASIK at Southern Eye.

Valerie Holmes 2020 1 Day LASIK Postop comments with Mom Susan Holmes

Valerie and Susan talk about having LASIK at Southern Eye.  Valerie’s Dad had LASIK 16 years ago here at Southern Eye. No matter if you live in Eads TN or Collierville TN or Bartlett TN or Germantown TN.  We have the best valued pricing and all Laser LASIK procedures.

Phil Did Not See His Shadow. Maybe he needs LASIK :-)

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost, Southern Eye Memphis. Southern Eye Memphis offers the best prices in town for LASIK. We have no funny discounts or cheap pricing menus.  We just have the best price.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost, Southern Eye Memphis. Southern Eye Memphis offers the best prices in town for LASIK. We have no funny discounts or cheap pricing menus. We just have the best price.

What can you do this summer after having LASIK at Southern Eye?

Imagine Parasailing Glasses and Contacts Free this summer!

Imagine Parasailing Free of Prescription Glasses or Contacts this summer!


Latest from Tom Lewis

Latest from Tom- Looks like we will finish about 285 surgeries, over 30,000 meals served or distributed, Serabu victorious in Serabu Invitational Football Tournament. Fr Greg doing great. Weather hot with a chance for more heat. Ps. We call him Fr Greg the Tishbite, connecting him with another great figure in the Bible from Tishba

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Mission Trip Update

January 5th – Update from Tom Lewis 3:30 PM CST. 35 Surgeries in the first 2 Days. All is well!!

January 6th – Today’s update from Tom. Cloudy day yesterday lead to amazing rainstorms last night and cool temps today. 17 more surgeries today for a total of 52 so far. Best part is we are finishing before 7 pm each evening – only 12 hour days for Cathy instead of the usual 15 to 18. Fr Greg doing great helping out everywhere and getting to know the village. Generator only stopped twice today. Life is good. God is great.

January 7th – Today’s Tom update just in from Serabu. 73 surgeries in 4 days at the current rate should finish around 250 which would be a new record. Very cute video of preschoolers receiving scholarship money enough for 60 students for a year. I have 60 names and thank you letters as well. Caught a big rat in trap. Tom

PS. Fr Greg is awesome. Today is Cathy’s birthday. Fr Jabati had a special blessing for her at mass this morning. Celebrating at local tavern tomorrow night Good night.

Today – Just in from Southern Eye Clinic, Serabu Africa.
18 more surgeries today for a total of 91 this week including a baby with congenital cataracts. Football tournament next weekend. Birthday party tonight for Cathy and 120 of her close friends at Dizo’s entertainment complex. FYI tom P.S. Mission Trip Surgery Record is 242 and could be broken this trip.

A Freetown local by the name of David Tucker born and raised in Serabu and has family still living in Serabu and was there today visiting the Clinic and Tom and Dr Cathy. Through the blessing of modern technology and a cell phone app David was able to send us some pictures and a video from the Southern Eye Clinic area. Thank you David! In the pictures you will see various patients and Tom Lewis and Dr Cathy and Clinic Staff.

mission-trip-1 mission-trip-2 mission-trip-3 mission-trip-4 mission-trip-5