Cataract Surgery-Memphis TN

At Southern Eye Associates, it is our privilege to assist you with your choice of Cataract Surgery.
You have two options to choose from:
Traditional Manual Cataract Surgery or Advance Technology Laser Cataract Surgery
This video discusses both options


What is a cataract?
A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside your eye which leads to a decrease in vision.  A cataract interrupts your normal vision and makes performing daily life activities more difficult.

How is cataract surgery performed?
Our surgeon, Dr. Cathy Schanzer, will use her expert skills to remove the clouded lens from your eye and replace it with a new clear lens.

What is the goal of cataract surgery?
The goal of cataract surgery is to provide you with excellent functional vision in as many ranges of vision as possible.  We usually consider three ranges of vision: distance (driving), intermediate (using a computer) and near (reading).

What is the new Advance Technology Laser Cataract Surgery?
The new Advance Technology Laser Cataract Surgery utilizes a femtosecond laser that has been recently approved by the FDA to perform certain parts of the cataract surgical procedure. Southern Eye has one of only three such lasers that exist in Shelby County.

What are the benefits of this new technology?
This Advanced Technology offers several advantages beginning with the use of a laser instead of a surgical knife.  The laseris more precise and more gentle on the inner tissues of the eye.  The laser encourages greater accuracy in lens replacement because the incisions and manipulations inside the eye are no longer created by hand.  Additionally,  cornea astigmatism can be corrected without touching the cornea with a knife.  Finally, this Advanced Technologyalso includes the use of another special laser that measures the eye during surgery, after the cloudy lens has been removed to determine the best choice for your new lens.

How do I qualify for Advance Technology Laser Cataract Surgery?
Qualification depends on the physical qualities of your eyes which will be determined by your Southern Eye doctor during your eye examination.

What is the cost difference between Traditional Manual Cataract Surgery and Advance Technology Laser Cataract Surgery?

The actual cost difference depends on your insurance coverage. But when you consider the cost of prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses and other related accessories, the cost of Advance Technology  Laser Cataract Surgery is probably less expensive over the remainder of your life. Your Southern Eye surgical counselor will inform you of the cost difference between these two types of surgery and review all of your financing options.

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